Welcome to our studio!

PERFECT SPACE is an architectural studio open to new ideas and ready to work on the most challenging projects. Our primary focus is on architectural design and our mission is to create original, tailor-made, PERFECT space in every project be it a private country house or a city apartment. We take time to listen to our clients and understand their needs in order to offer the ideal design solution that would meet in full their vision and let us realize our full potential. Only in close cooperation we can achieve a PERFECT result. If you close our philosophy we will be pleased to work with you.

Natalia Samoylova is the founder and creative heart of the PERFECT SPACE architectural studio; Moscow Architectural Institute senior professor (Industrial Architecture Department); Union of Moscow Architects member; Brick in The Light architectural design competition jury panel member.

Natalia Samoylova (née Zaytseva)

  • Senior tutor MArchI, Prom pathway
  • Union of Moscow Architects Member
  • Personal architecture practice since 2006



Mini MBA. Project Management, International Business Academy

June 2006

Graduation project “Scientific Park on Leninskiy Avenue. Fourth District of the Russian Academy of Sciences”, academic advisers: prof. V. Kulish and prof. A. Khrustalev. Industrial Architecture Department, Moscow Architectural Institute.


Moscow Architectural Institute. Specialization – architect.

Professional experience

September 2006 – present

Senior professor, Industrial Architecture Department, Moscow Architectural Institute

2004 – present

Architectural designer – private practice

2004 – 2007

Architectural designer, Commune House restoration project, V. Kulish architectural studio 

2003 – 2004

Architectural designer, A. Khrustalev architectural studio

Projects / current and completed

Commune House (arch. Ivan Nikolaev) restoration project, 8/9 Ordzhonikidze St., Moscow

Resort facility reconstruction and new development project, Volgograd region

Resort facility Houseboat interior design

Country house project development (new construction): private house (1500 sq. m), bathhouse (200 sq. m), pavilion (80 sq. m), landscape design

Country house interior design (500 sq. m), Greece19th century mansion reconstruction project and interior design (500 sq. m), France

Private mansion reconstruction project, Oryol Region

Resort facility reconstruction and new development project (two guesthouses and bathhouse), Moscow Region

Private houses and other constructions (500-800 sq. m) architectural design, Moscow Region luxury developments Benelux, Chisitie Kluchi, Novoglagolevo

Office space and showroom interior design

Private apartments interior design

Early Years

I was born in Moscow and have spent my entire life in this incredible city. My passion for creative work revealed itself as early as in the kindergarten years. I began attending art school at four, at six I started taking music lessons specializing in piano at a local School of Music. However after nine years of studying and despite of my strong progress and great expectations of my teachers I understood that public performances and being on stage were not for me. So I dropped out of music classes giving all my effort to the art school. This is when I started dreaming of my future job and that dream brought me to where I am today.

While being in high-school where young people usually start thinking about their professional future I already knew who I want to be. I decided to become an architect! My family was surprised by this choice but gave me full support despite of their concerns. My parents helped me get the best education, they have laid the ground for my professional career. 


In 2000 I entered the Moscow Architectural Institute where I was lucky to get the best professors. They are all professional architects and very nice people who set the benchmark in my profession. During the first two years my tutor was Konstantin Kudryashov, other four years I was under academic supervision of Vsevolod Kulish and Alexander Khrustalev. They were my graduation project academic advisers who have contributed to my project “Scientific Park on Leninskiy Avenue. Fourth District of the Russian Academy of Sciences”. It was honored with several professional awards (Rogachev Medal, ROSAO Diploma, Chernikhov Award, MArchI Golden Medal, Union of Moscow Architects scholarship, and other).

In 2012 I graduated from the International Business Academy completing “Mini MBA. Project Management" program that was an important step in my career development.

Every day I try to develop myself as a professional. I study the history of architecture and design and follow the latest trends. Personal growth plays the key role in being able to provide creative solutions and overcoming any challenges.

Professional Experience

Moscow Architectural Institute

My professional experience started during my second year in the university. Later in 2004 Vsevolod Kulish invited me to take part in the Commune House restoration project. This constructivist landmark at Ordzhonikidze Street designed by architect Ivan Nikolaev and erected between 1929 and 1931 was very interesting and important for us. It was a challenging project that allowed me to take part in saving a unique architectural monument. Thanks to my work this masterpiece has come back to life again.

After successful defense of the graduation project the academic council recommended that I stay in the department and get a chair there. This was how I unexpectedly began working together with my professors. It is now 10 years that I teach students together with Vsevolod Kulish. Work in the Moscow Architectural Institute allows me to communicate directly with honored masters of architecture and young students that bring up fresh ideas and help get a different view of the world around.


Private architectural practice

As of today I have designed over 25 private residential projects and public facilities including about 20 interior designs for apartments and private houses.

In 2014 I became a member of the Union of Moscow Architects. The next step in my professional development was gathering a team of professionals and launching an architectural studio. In the near future we are planning to launch our own line of fabrics and home accessories. And this is only the start! 

The Light of My Life

The person who inspires me, makes me work hard, gives meaning to all my activities is my daughter. She does a big job of guiding me in rough times and helping me overcome any challenge. 







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