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The Idea

The Idea

The apartment is located in a building constructed in the early 20th century in the historic center of Moscow. We tried to restore in every detail the original layout, architectural features, divided-light windows, door designs, and even interior decoration elements and lighting. Our aim was to create all at once comfortable and functional ‘museum-like city apartment’ that would be a daily delight to the eye in contrast to the dull Moscow routine.

During the project we have faced the challenging task of combining Art nouveau-style living space and client’s strong passion for the French culture, including fabrics, chinaware, and the atmosphere in general. 

The Interior

We managed to keep the most of the historic decoration elements integrating them into the renovation project. Original plasterwork luckily for us was restorable so we managed to return the authentic look of the ceiling roses in all of the rooms. (Unfortunately the modern combined extract and input ventilation made us introduce the additional decorative perimeter molding).

The walls are in general covered with vinyl wallpaper. Textile wallpaper was used in the bedroom. Kitchen and bathroom have pargeting. Flooring is made of oak parquet boards with different laying designs in each room. Walls of the bathroom are also covered with ceramic tiles (Devon&Devon British brand).


We restored the antique buffet with peacocks and gave it the center stage in the dining room. Design of the buffet is followed by the large dining table and bureau. The set was made to order by Bazzi Company. The tabletop is decorated with a couple of swans. All the furniture is solid, carved, and scaled to the spacious interiors with high ceilings.


During the project we faced the issue of combining history and modernity in design and arrangement of the lighting. It was a big challenge that we really enjoyed solving! Our priority was to keep the historic elements. In each room we came up with two lighting plans: ceiling light and lamps on bedside cabinets (not even in all of the bedrooms).

All the chandeliers in the apartment are antique, unfortunately not authentic for this location that would have been fantastic luck. Most of them are not even made in Russia. For example, chandeliers in the living room, dining room and in the kitchen are French from the 1920’s in Art Deco style.


В данном проекте за цвет «отвечает» текстиль. Стены во всех помещениях – нейтральные и играют роль своего рода чистого холста. Общая цветовая гамма – теплая, насыщенная. В основных помещениях преобладает осенняя палитра. Детские комнаты решены в весенних тонах. Так освежает сочетание пепельно-розового и жемчужно-серого!  

Текстиль и декор

Мы начали работу над этой квартирой, просматривая каталоги нескольких европейских брендов: Lelievre, Tassinari et Chatel и Watts of Westminster. И, уподобившись художникам, с помощью этих тканей мы создали неповторимый, яркий и свежий образ.

Декорируя окна, мы изучали каталоги гравюр, и для каждого создали свой «наряд». В детских – игривые шторы с красной подкладкой и бантиками, в кабинете же, наоборот, – все по-мужски строго.

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