Dining Pavilion



Ceiling height






The pavilion is located next to the main house (MUSHROOM-HOUSE) and represents a small copy of it. The construction is heated so it can serve as a year-round dining room, bar or lounge for special occasions. It can host family reunions, birthday celebrations and receptions for friends.

The pavilion received an expressly catchy interior. Guests should have the impression of visiting a fancy restaurant or a private club so that the event would be treated as really special and memorable.

The Interior

The interior style is determined by furniture with some of the pieces made to order. Curved and lavishly decorated bar was produced according to our design by Elledue. The door with arabesque decorations is also of our original design.

Walls are finished with pargeting; floor is made of Ebony&Co planks. We chose dark wood with bright threads echoing the ceiling color with matching. Walls between rhythmic windows are decorated by drapery gathered like canopy. With covered windows the interior resembles a Middle Eastern marquee. 


Atmosphere of a Middle Eastern fairytale is largely created by Elledue furniture. Dining table with an ornately shaped footing with colored inserts looks like as if it has arrived from a fantasy movie. Transparent glass tabletop opens the picture of golden branches and sheaves. The design was inspired by Egyptian temples. Chairs with high gold-covered backs resemble thrones. Their colorful upholstery creates a festive feeling. Legs of different colors, frames with color inserts, lacing – every detail makes us believe we are in a Middle Eastern palace. Coffee table with a helical golden leg and lavishly decorated tabletop is like an Egyptian artefact.

Bathroom mirror has the same design. All the fitments come from the German brand Kohler. Deep sinks with geometric décor catch the eye. We made for them an open-work base-frame of hammered metal.


Lighting follows the Middle Eastern trend. Elegant blown glass horns are suspended at different height. Multicolor brushes again resemble Middle Eastern marquees and palace chambers where fountains murmur, a lute sings and flowers fume. These lights come from the Italian brand Melogranoblu specializing in this particular design.


The interior has generally bright colors. Multicolor catchy furniture with coated inserts and gold plating, catchy lighting and lavishly decorated accessorizes. We tried to stress the unusual shapes and bold palette. This interior makes us think of Venice, its architecture, colors, reflections on the water, shining and playful Murano glass.

Fabrics and Decor

Sophisticated fabric décor was aimed to have several functions: hide the interior from the outside and create the atmosphere of a Middle Eastern marquee. Curtains hang from the very ceiling and flow with ample wrinkles. At the windows level they are caught and hitched round a curved molding that goes along the perimeter of the room. Black-out curtains are accompanied by light and transparent net lace having an aesthetic function. Both come from the German brand Zimmer + Rohde.

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