Young Lady’s Apaprtment



Ceiling height






The client has a small daughter and the apartment was designed with this fact in mind. However the interior does not have anything deliberately childish. The client wanted to avoid a design that would fully be girly but at the same time was ready to keep playful accents. Our task was to create a feeling of joy and happiness common to childhood but without extreme use of details.  



The Interiors

We were inspired by Piero Fornasetti works. Ceramic tiles with his drawings from Ceramica Bardelli were used in the bathroom and wallpaper with his designs found its place in the entrance hall. Fabulous and fine works of are, they are like out of a fairytale, a philosophical one appealing both to kids and grown-ups and a colorful one like from a color dream!

Floor is made of solid wood planks: in the kitchen and dining zone it is light colored, in the living room we went for darker colors. Same planks were used to finish ceiling in certain zones.

The integral element of the whole apartment is striped wallpaper. It comes in several colors and with different width of the stripes: contrasting black-and-white is in the entrance hall, blue and cacao is in the corridor and master bedroom.


We chose simple furniture and due to limited time to complete the project had to work with what was in stock. For the living room we found a geometrically shaped sofa and transparent glass shelve stand. They show to advantage thanks to the dark tones. The pouf comes from the Italian brand Softhouse. Daughter’s room has an elegant bed and wardrobe with molded knobs of different unique floral designs. The bathroom with light color palette got Missoni Home pouf with the traditional for the brand multicolor zigzag design.


Lighting in most rooms is in light and soft classic style. For the living room we chose a chandelier with elegant crystal pendants, for the daughter’s room – a model with thin snow-white frame with several crystal flower pendants (both from Beby Italy). In the living room we have also put a vintage reading lamp Amy from the Portugal brand Delightfull. Kitchen light has different style, resembling an origami and looking like it is made of tangled paper strips.


Each room has its own color palette. Entrance hall got black and white tones. Kitchen interior plays with a combination of grey and snow-white gloss (kitchen cabinets and cooking island) and light color wooden floor. Living room is designed in darker shades: dark-grey walls, shelve stand, sofa with black upholstery. A bright spot is the painting drawn by the younger mistress. Bathroom has a ravel of colors: indigo tiles combine with bright-red trimming. Daughter’s room has the most tender palette: light-pink wallpaper with small hearts design, baked-milk-color furniture, snow-white ceiling rose.



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