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The client favors Scandinavian style and likes lofts at the same time. We tried to combine both in one project by bringing together common materials, colors and design solutions.

Three-storey townhouse is located in the Moscow Region. Part of the ground floor (with the exception of the entrance hall and engineering room) was designed as an integrated space with the living room, kitchen and dining room. Special focus was given to the fireplace zone with the working fireplace and large wood rack. First and second floors are occupied mostly by bedrooms. Thanks to the second-level space that unites the ground and first floors rooms appear to be very spacious and airy. There is a feeling of lightness common to traditional Scandinavian interiors.

The Interiors

We accentuated natural materials. Interiors have abundance of wood. Floors are made of light-color planks with typical design and chips that create a sense of textured unfinished surface. Staircase is made of dark wood in honey-brown tones. Same planks were used for finishing part of the first-floor terrace.

The most eye-catching décor element of the ground floor is the fireplace that was introduced into the multifunctional unit. It combines the wood rack, TV-screen and acoustic system. The unit sits next to the podium that in turn becomes the first step of the staircase. Leather shelves are adjacent to the podium while a mirror behind the multifunctional unit produces sophisticated and intriguing reflections.

The fireplace chimney and technical elements were left uncovered. Walls are painted to look like concrete. Together with brick wall in the entrance hall and the kitchen, thoughtfully chosen furniture and lighting – this design produces a true loft atmosphere.

We have also made several glass blocks with the transparent surface being lined by stands of blackened metal. This is, for example, how we separated the entrance from the rest of the space, fenced the staircase and made a screen for the second-level space.


Furniture combines the two styles – Scandinavian and loft. For example, club sofas in the living room upholstered by rough leather go along with laconic dining table and chairs, and bar stools. Kitchen is planked by original textured unfinished wood. Part of the furniture is built-in and was designed especially for this project, for example, the wood rack and the whole multifunctional unit with TV-screen and acoustic system.


Every room including the integrated space of the ground floor that has literally no division got its unique lighting solution. Entrance hall and the staircase are lit up by very formal, technological spotlights. For the kitchen we chose a graphic row of suspended lights made of chrome-plated metal that stress the neutral color of the walls and catchy kitchen cabinets made of wood and glass. Suspended lights with perforated metal elements were used in the dining room to make more lively the generally reserves space. Fireplace zone got several spherical astrolabe lights. They are rather impressive but do not draw too much attention from the fireplace and the interior in general.


Both styles dominating the interior fall short of bright colors. The palette is mostly natural and calm: different shades of brown that come from the abundance of wood, various tones of grey from silver to ash-grey and the Scandinavian foam-white. Graphic inserts of transparent glass in black frames complete the modest and trendy design.

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