Identity of Perfect Space embodies our commitment to flawless form and attention to detail in content. While choosing the design of business cards, notebooks, supporting documentation, we stopped at a fashionable black and white, and paid particular attention to details: found paper and picked up a thin satin ribbon. In the Perfect Space logo is a perfect figure - the circle, what we seek in our daily work. We can say that our creative credo - the perfection of large and small forms: whether rendering of the project or its realisation. The logo also reflects one of the main tasks of Perfect Space studio - create a dynamic creative community that connects like-minded people.

We believe that for the architectural studio, as for any company, it is very important to create branding, and much time was spent for its development. This is the face of the company, the direction in which it operates, in fact, is where the company starts. It gives the same understanding of it as portfolio or publications. But it is not just visual design.

Opening the architectural studio, we wanted to determine immediately the direction in which we work, that is a paramountly important to us. Branding helped not only to show who and what we are, but also to identify our strengths, prioritize, focus on the essentials, while not losing details at the same time.

Corporate identity reflects our attitude to work. On the one hand, Perfect Space Projects - thin, graceful, with the soft femininity as we are. On the other, theyhave the speed and character, the inner strength that is necessary to bring any kind of work to the end no matter how complexity the task is.

The corporate identity was developed by a graphic designer Kate Shash, a graduate of the British Higher School of Art and Design (

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