White House

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The Idea

The Idea

This country house in the Moscow region got the code name "The White House" at the suggestion of the client. The owner likes trendy American interiors in an elegant and restrained classic style. He prefers classical stucco molding to brass and chrome details that are often used in modern interiors. As a result, white has become the dominant color. We enriched the palette with boiling white, creamy and gray-white shades. We created an interior that can be closely associated with marble sculpture, ancient temples, true classics but in their modern interpretation.

The interior

The interior decoration has a lot of natural marble, so much adored by the client. Bearing in mind the dominance of white, we opted for two types of marble: Carrara and Calacatta Oro. The first one is snow-white with thin gray veins, the second is boiling white with golden shimmer. We used this material mostly for the bathrooms. Despite the fact that the color palette seemed limited, the design of all the rooms turned out to be different.

We set ourselves the task of creating a refined interior. For the bedrooms and the common area, we picked wallpapers in rich beige and creamy tones from the home collection of Ralph Lauren. The floors are covered with solid wood parquet. Accessories include black and white graphics for the wall decor, elegant little things in the style of Manhattan interiors, smoked glass vases and discreet, elegant lighting.


The image of a restrained, elegant, refined interior is supported by the furniture in soft colors. We chose the American manufacturer Christopher Guy. Christopher, the owner and art director of the brand, set the task of modernizing classics, and his furniture looks really fresh and trendy, keeping the simplicity of forms and discreet finishes. In the bedrooms, we put beds with high headboards. The dining room set has neutral style, the sofa set in the living room is universal and can easily fit in a minimalistic interior. For the entrance hall, we picked a console of the Italian brand Selva with the design based on the combination of dark wood and natural stone. All storage systems are built-in and made according to our designs.


We used delicate and graceful lighting fixtures that supported our idea of a refined interior. In the living and dining rooms, there are chandeliers with thin frames – a modern version of classic crystal versions with LEDs instead of candles. More compact chandeliers with curved metal rods and transparent glass horns were chosen for the bedrooms and a cascade of suspended glass drops in a modular stacked lighting decorates the stairs. The multilevel design emphasizes the spiral flight of stairs and its railing. All lighting comes from Visual Comfort.

Farbics and decor

We wanted to keep free the open and light space of the house, so we used heavy window-tall curtains made of plain fabric to match the color of the walls (all by the German brand Jab). Thus, the fabrics became an organic element of the décor. For the main bathroom with a window, we even found an elegant curtain of the marble color. We decorated the walls in most rooms with thin stucco moldings that create a graphical breakdown. It does not catch the eye but makes the surface of the walls look more interesting.

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