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The Idea

The Idea

In this project for a young family with two children, we were making an apartment, located in an A-class new residential complex. On the one hand, it was a building with modern architecture, and we wanted the interior to fall in line with the environment. On the other hand, the client liked classic design and did not want any minimalism. As a result, we found a compromise in making a modern classic interior. It is the so-called American style, the style of luxury apartments in Manhattan. It combines classic elements (stucco decoration, crystal chandeliers) with a calm palette and laconic, stylish and elegant decor.

The apartment is designed in a light color range. The creamy shade dominates, but in several rooms we introduced bright colors. For example, the living and dining rooms and the kitchen are in bright blue. The son’s room also looks quite saturated in color.

The interior


We have made a strong accent on stucco moldings and natural stone. The floors in the bedrooms and the common area are in solid wood parquet, the dressing room has a carpet. The beautiful Carrara Bianco, Nero Marquina and Carnico Grigio marble was used for the floor in the entrance hall. They create a catchy composition.

The entrance hall, the common area and the master bedroom are decorated with stucco. We used stucco moldings and ceiling sockets with a complex pattern. The kitchen area is also richly decorated. The countertop of the kitchen island is made of magnificent blue granite.

Bathrooms are finished in marble (mainly Carrara Bianco). Ceramic granite was also used. The vanity tops made of Salome marble and onyx look luxurious.

The walls of the apartment were all painted. The daughter’s room is decorated with a picturesque painting of the Garden of Eden! In the son’s room, we used wallpaper with a star pattern (Osborne & Little).

All the furniture is in the elegant modern style without any pronounced stylistic links. There are the lacquered console in the entrance hall, bathroom furniture with figured frame, the bed in the master’s bedroom with a high intricate headboard, neutral coffee tables, cabinets, pouffes in the style of American designer Barbara Berry.

The dining set has the same design style. And all the sofas are in simple, geometric shapes – absolutely modern models. The sofa in the living room echoes in color with the kitchen countertop and apron.

Furniture for the daughter’s room is in gentle colors. The son’s room tends more to Art Deco style.



In many rooms, we used lighting fixtures with the trendy brass finish. Most of them come from the American brand Visual Comfort, popular among the leading US and European designers.

In the living room, several sources of light were installed, including a classic crystal chandelier (above the dining table). The bedroom also has different lighting fixtures: a romantic chandelier with crystal pendants, table lamps, a wall lamp and a floor lamp in the boudoir zone. In the entrance hall, a spectacular circular ceiling lamp is decorated with crystals.

We chose curtains matching the upholstery of the bed head in the master’s bedroom. In the daughter's room, curtains have neutral color and a geometric print. There is also a flirty Roman curtain with bows.

Stucco molding is the main decor element in the living and dining rooms, as well as the kitchen. On the floor of the latter, we have put Bisazza tiles with a decorative design. The children's bathroom also got a mosaic panel from Sicis.

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