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The Idea

The Idea

This interior was thought out to meet the canons of classic design and was built on the principles of symmetry. We even had to move the front door to center it along the opening of the living room. The entire layout is built strictly along the axes of symmetry. We jokingly compared this apartment to a train: the layout with elongated, narrow rooms in fact looked like a series of cars.

The interior design is dominated by the circle shape. We used circles in the decor of cabinets in the hallway, in the design of custom-made doors, as well as in the freestanding furniture, for example, the consoles.

The interior

The shape of the circle visually expands the space, just like ripples on the water. For example, we applied this technique in the living room, decorating the ceiling with moldings and making it look larger.

We have also made wide ceiling cornices, covering part of the ceiling, and painted them with gloss paint which had even further expanded the space visually.

In order to create a leisure area in the living room, we came up with an interesting solution: one of the sofas was placed by the loggia, and the second was built into the wall set as a structured monolith. The latter became the center of the whole composition (with the back decorated by a unique panel by the artist Irina Korsakova).

The vector along the axis of the living room leads to the kitchen, where on the same axis we have put the kitchen island in bright cranberry color. The client was fond of feng shui, and her teacher said that the layout perfectly reflected its principles. The only thing we had to change was to move the sink from the kitchen island so as not to lose energy. We placed it on the main, wall-mounted work surface. The axis continues with the stove with a large exhaust hood and the dining table (all furniture is custom-made).

In the dining room, we had to deal with the beam from the wall opening that was here before. We came up with a caisson over the table, decorating it with a mirror on the inside and "bringing" the ceiling under it. Thus, this “outstanding” element was turned into an interesting decor.

The entrance to the bedroom goes through the study. Like in other rooms of the apartment, we have joined in the loggia with panoramic windows, turning it into a rest area with an ottoman, where one can relax in comfort after a busy day. The bi-folding doors to the bedroom save space and create a feeling of privacy, like you are in a boudoir.


The floor around the dining table is tiled, creating the effect of a carpet and looking very interesting. Along the perimeter of this "carpet" goes parquet.

We decorated the bathroom with mosaic panels depicting swimmers, also handmade by a Moscow mosaic artist according to our designs. Such features can easily be used in place of art objects.

For the son’s room, we chose lighting by Delta Light, making a catchy, chaotic composition that looks very bold. All furniture is made-to-order. The entrance was made through the dressing room, separated from the room with the help of two tall wardrobes with drawers. We decorated one of the walls with graffiti in textured paint. It is made like a coloring book: we painted some parts of it, leaving others for the boy to finish himself. A fun game for all!

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