Eternal Harmony Mushroom House. First floor

Floor space

400 м²

Ceiling height




The Idea

The Idea

First floor has the same constructional features as the ground floor (curved beams of the framework that determine wall shapes). All the bedrooms have access to the balcony that provides for abundance of natural light inside. Second-level space also assures much light in the interior.

Since the first floor has mostly private space (bedrooms) the design is very calm. We have enriched the interiors with opulent fabrics and unusual lighting common to the general style of the house.

High ceiling in the son’s bedroom allowed us to split the room in two levels. So we arrange playing zone, study space and a separate bedroom.

The Interiors

The main accent comes from the floors made of oak planks from Ebony and Co. Doors (Elledue) have décor on both sides meeting the adjacent rooms’ design. Walls in most cases are of neutral colors. Fabrics and accessorizes become bright spots.

Master bedroom has silk wallpaper from Zuber in dark chocolate color.


Elledue furniture was used for the master bedroom. Carved design of the bed head copies the one of the door. Together they create unique décor of a continuous wave visible from a perspective.

Son’s bedroom is completed with Il Loft furniture. Library with colored inlay attracts particular attention.

All bathrooms have classic Bianchini&Capponi sets with the only exception. Son’s bathroom got a modern-style set.


Here we again used original lighting just like on the ground floor. For example, Brand van Egmond metal-fabricated chandelier or Murano glass lights in bright stripes or numerous colored balls (Andromeda). The former one was used in the children’s room to supplement the Il Loft furniture. Son’s bathroom has the incredible light in the shape of raindrops over half-meter long. They are like flowing from the ceiling.  


First floor interiors have neutral color palette. Color accents come from the lighting and fabrics. For example, master bathroom has foam-white walls and furniture accentuated by a large color print that stands in contrast to cold tones.

Fabrics and Decor

Tender and romantic curtains decorate the mistress’ study. Light warp has organza circles sewed on. Even with a light wind it waves like it is alive. We made tiebacks on our own and decorated them with sequins after we failed to find something appropriate in catalogues. The couch is covered with colorful blanket made of Luigi Bevilacqua fabric. The carpet with wooden cut design is an exclusive from Kovër Büro.

Curtains in the master bedroom are made of textured velvet (Art&Décor) richly decorated with lacing. They have the same colors as the interior and door blocks. We have also tried to find the matching design.

Son’s bathroom got attractive crimped curtains (Sahco). The interior was realized in graphic black-and-white colors with matching textured fabrics with sophisticated contours. Pouf is upholstered with leather with prints of flirty girls. 

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