Color Counterpoints Mushroom House. Ground floor

Floor space


Ceiling height

The Idea

The Idea

First floor has the same constructional features as the ground floor (curved beams of the framework that determine wall shapes). All the bedrooms have access to the balcony that provides for abundance of natural light inside. Second-level space also assures much light in the interior. 

Since the first floor has mostly private space (bedrooms) the design is very calm. We have enriched the interiors with opulent fabrics and unusual lighting common to the general style of the house.

High ceiling in the son’s bedroom allowed us to split the room in two levels. So we arrange playing zone, study space and a separate bedroom.

The Interiors

Designing the hall and adjacent rooms we based on the style of showy carved silver plated doors from Elledue. Walls in this room are covered with wallpaper from our favorite French brand Zuber. Different design from the same manufacturer was used in the living room. Zuber wallpaper is found only on the flat walls. We were looking for catchy and unusual design and Zuber fitted just perfectly. We went for silky embossed wallpaper – expensive custom-made model manufactured on the antique 18th century machines.

Wallpaper design was copied to make the balustrade décor of the staircase leading to the first floor. It is made of transparent glass with sandblast designs.

The kitchen also has a catchy design. The client was not afraid of bold and uncommon solutions. Kitchen cabinets are made of exotic wood and looked great against bright background already in the producer’s catalogue. We decided to introduce color to the interior and made floors of scarlet agglomerate. Walls are slate-covered; we chose tiles of various thickness and laid them in a way to make the surface look like vibrating and alive.


One of the key interior features is the console table (Francesco Molon). Marble tabletop rests on solid carved footing. Height of the console together with the mirror reaches almost three meters. However thanks to the optimal space arrangement and proportions it does not weight upon the surroundings, does not look out of place.

Furniture in the cinema room that again has high ceiling was also made very proportional. Our original in-house designed semi-circle sofa (almost 7 meters long and about 2 meters wide) is upholstered with fabric with beautiful design. It is like lace embroidered on black canvass. Same design appears on the carpet that was also made in accordance with our drawings.

Large space (almost 100 m²) is heated by two fireplaces. In the cinema zone it is an elegant ceramic model. We placed a big aquarium in the living room and covered its technical parts by thin carved grills. 


We used unusual and catchy lights. The kitchen chandelier from the Italian brand Sigma has lamp covers resembling a china castle. It is complemented by four pendant lamps. They are similar in design but have different features: baroque bends, sequins or plasterwork. Wall lamps in the living room are made of Murano glass (Andromeda) and have the shape of tangled ribbons. SPA zone has spotlights also made of Murano glass. Inside they are covered with foil and look like water drops or magic balls.


Reach color palette dominates the whole interior. The kitchen has red floor and silver furniture, cinema room – white colors with graphic design and arabesques. Bright colors of the kitchen continue in the SPA zone. Designing hamam we dropped the traditional oriental design and refrained from using marble all over. Walls are covered with bright flower panels (Sicis) that create a holiday atmosphere.

Fabrics and Decor

Living room is decorated with great silk curtains made of white pleated cloth (Art&Décor). They fitted perfectly with tall windows and do not need to be caught up several times. Curtain wrinkle itself looks lively and thanks to the thread running inside it can be formed to any shape. It creates a comprehensive and eye-catching design making the interior look like soaring in the sky.

Heavy opulent drapery covers bathroom windows. Among others we used fabrics from the historic collection of the Italian brand Luigi Bevilacqua.

All the moldings are curved following the wall shape.

All the carpets were made according to our designs.

We used numerous decorative elements from the Italian brand AСF Arte.

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