Interior art

Floor space


Ceiling height

3.5 - 7.0



The Idea

The Idea

This country house in the Moscow region belongs to a young family. It is located on a land plot with beautiful conifers. The family bought a finished house, and we had the goal of renovating and bringing new life into it. The changes were made to the color palette of the rooms and all the lighting. We did partial alteration of the bathrooms and chose new fabrics. In this project, we were acting more as decorators.

The house is dominated by light colors, creating the perfect space for the presentation of a collection of art objects that were moved here from the owners' city apartment.

The interior

The most difficult task we faced was the complete change in the lighting scheme of the house to make the white walls a good background for the paintings. Despite the huge window openings, even in the sunny weather the house was quite dark. We did a comprehensive analysis and lighting design, replacing all the lighting fixtures in the house.

Maintaining the original layout, we used decorating techniques to bring novelty to the interior. The dressing room at the entrance hall was completely changed, hiding behind a mirror wall. We have put a painting on the opposite wall and enlarged the space of the hallway, making it more formal.

The guest bathroom has been completely dismantled since, according to the original layout, its door opened into the common living area and we needed to make it worth of the main space of the house.

The study on the second floor was transformed into a guest bedroom. The ink-blue color of the walls made this space fell very cozy. We found this deep shade in the palette of the English brand Sanderson.


This project can be characterized by the rich fabric decorations. In the guest bedroom, the curtains are made of linen with embroidery. This room will often be occupied by the owners’ parents, so the choice was made in favor of maximum comfort. Fabric with floral motifs on a black tie bedside bench was chosen to make the fairly calm interior of the room livelier. Combination of different finishes of the baxter nightstands made the whole interior more interesting.

The decor consists of not only paintings on the walls, but also furniture and carpets. The cecotti bench became an art object of the entrance hall. The vitra Lounge Chair and an extremely beautiful carpet from KOVER BURO with baxter coffee tables on it became the focal points of the cinema.

In the guest bedroom, Se Collection's toy tables complemented the bed set, while the main bedroom got an incredibly soft to touch carpet from KOVER BURO with palm leaves design.

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