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The Idea

The Idea

This country house was designed for a family with two grown-up kids. Our goal was to create a modern, minimalistic interior. The client liked modernism projects, but the atmosphere of comfort was essential. This was to be the family’s permanent home, and the stylish interior was designed to meet their basic needs. We offered the client a concise, restrained, elegant design solution with Central Asian features and accents of catchy and outstanding details.
The two-story house is divided into several zones. Most of the ground floor is reserved for the common area of the living room, dining room and kitchen. The living room has been moved to the space with the highest ceiling height but it is actually connected to the dining room and kitchen by a through opening. The ground floor also has the entrance hall, a guest bathroom, as well as technical and engineering rooms. We made the staircase to the second floor light and airy thanks to the transparent guard railing and light-color stone steps. The entire second floor is reserved for parents’ and kids’ bedrooms (daughter attending school and university-student son). Each bedroom has its own bathroom.

The interior

The interior is dominated by the light color palette. Thanks to the use of wood, some rooms and areas have the atmosphere of Scandinavian interiors: laconic and warm, comfy and relaxing. Decoration of the first-floor space was done with profiled wooden panels. They set the tone in the entrance area, in the small living room and the guest bathroom. Great for the eye is the combination of beautiful wood in chestnut-honey shades with light-brown stone in the bathrooms and with textiles of the same tone in the small living room.

Patinated metal panels were used in the living room and the entrance hall. They look very nice against the backdrop of boiling-white walls and ceilings, spotted with a graphic backlighting.

Decorations of bedrooms and bathrooms are made with panels of various materials: light corrugated wood, textured stone, as well as concrete blocks with graphic design.

In general, the interior leaves an impression of perfect style and comfort at the same time. We made a home with laconic design where the whole family can feel relaxed and not be bound by the environment or decor.


The interior style was meant to get a modern and elegant furnishing. We opted for the pieces of the famous European brands. Very neutral furniture emphasizes the laconic atmosphere of the property. A minimalist sofa set was combined with armchairs in the spirit of modernism and a low stand for TV and electronics along the entire length of the wall (custom-made). The living room also got an eye-catching tall and narrow bookcase that fuses with the fireplace and woodpile.

The bedrooms received most comfortable light-color furniture with special accents. For example, the daughter’s bedroom got a spectacular table with legs of glass blocks and a console with an asymmetric base (used as a dressing table). In the main bedroom, a dresser with a fake front becomes the visual accent: its design seems three-dimensional due to the asymmetric carving of the panels.

A laconic dining set emphasizes the beauty of the kitchen with elements in dark wood, glossy varnishes and marble from the renowned German brand Nolte.


Lighting in most rooms is functional and yet almost invisible. We used technical lighting with spot lights that are almost merging with surfaces. In the living room, graphic lighting becomes a dynamic ceiling decoration: we chose the architectural lighting, contrasting with snow-white surfaces.

The kitchen island is emphasizes by a number of modernist, laconic lamps. In the bedrooms, wall-mounted lighting fixtures are the main accents. The only decorative lighting piece that stands out in the entire house was used in the most romantic and feminine space – the daughter’s bedroom. It is a brass model with glass drops (by the French brand Serip), creating the atmosphere of an early spring, when the snow is starting to melt and the sun is playing in the drops!

Fabrics and decor

Textiles have been widely used in the decor of the second floor. All bedrooms have curtains in the shades of the furniture and serving as the finishing touch to the interior. We have also used laconic, modern-style carpets. They become splashes of color, revitalizing the interior of the main and small living rooms.

Antique carved doors are another catchy element of the entrance hall. They remind of the ancient Central Asian palaces. There is a high custom-made aquarium in the dining room and kitchen area. The small living room got an antique carved buffet, complemented by Moroccan-style coffee tables.

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