English-style apartment

Floor space


Ceiling height




The Idea

The Idea

The apartment is located in a Stalin-era building, and the interior was intended to be made classic. We have completely removed all the walls, from floor to floor, and changed the whole layout of the place.

The client liked the English style for a number of personal associations, and we took elements of it for the interior design. For example, silk wallpapers with the Garden of Eden motives (de Gournay) in the bedroom became a tribute to the classic British mansions.

The client was not enthusiastic about catchy colors, as her previous apartment was decorated rather neutrally in peachy tones. We offered different options and in the end settled on a similar, but slightly richer palette. For example, the kitchen was finished in colors of Venetian paintings, like those of the island of Burano.


The interior

The axis of the layout composition is set by double-leaf doors in the living room. The bedroom and bathroom were put on this axis. We designed an additional guest bed in the living room. The client also needed a large dressing room, so we took into account all the requirements and moved the wardrobes between the bedroom and the entrance to the living room, making an alcove with a sofa and a hinged storage system above it. (Thanks to the well-thought-out storage systems, the apartment now has even more storage space than the client expected).

The living room and the dining room are visually divided into two zones by a sofa set. We have put a large dining table by the window, placing a console next to it. And we have also designed an aquarium for this space. The client asked to fit into the kitchen a large refrigerator, a model having the depth of about 80 cm. Next to it, we installed smaller appliances, opening some area from the side of the living room that was perfectly used for the aquarium. It, in turn, got a printed (custom-made by Affresco) back wall, creating a perspective of depth.

The apartment on the second floor has a lot of natural sunlight from the windows. Therefore, we designed the bedroom in brighter, warmer colors. And the light transforms it and fills it with warmth.

A smart engineering solution: we made a built-in vacuum cleaner with outputs in all rooms, denying the need to carry along the device. It is extremely convenient to just connect the hose and do the job.


We have fit into the interior the paintings that the client already had. This fact partially determined the color palette of the apartment.

The kitchen was decorated with a curtain with a beautiful, colorful, floral pattern. We have also ordered a ceramic panel with a handmade pattern (by Crea Ceramics) and placed it above the stove. The panel and the curtain matched perfectly in their design.

Next to the dining table, we have put a cupboard for crystal and porcelain, coloring it in line with the sofa upholstery.

Catchy details and special accents enriched the interior – our favorite practice. We picked different bedside tables for the bedroom: on the one side, a more masculine model in the colonial style, on the other – a model with drawers and in brighter colors. The interior also received lighting from Eurolampart and mirrors from IFdecor.

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