A deep change

Floor space


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The Idea

The Idea

Our goal was to completely rework the existing interior and exterior of the house, refreshing the 12-year old construction. It was built in the late 2000s using frame technology that came from Canada and that was very popular at that time. Over the years, the rather dark interior with the abundance of wood began to cause bad feelings within the owners. Both on the outside and inside, the place resembled a hunting lodge while the owners wanted something modern, light and in elegant modern classic style.
We completely changed the interior design and made the facades lighter using the opposite to the original color palette. The owners (a family with a teenage son) have already developed a certain lifestyle, so we left most of the original layout untouched and changed only certain elements.
The furnishing of the house was also well-established with plenty of luxury Italian furniture pieces. We kept the most valuable objects, but gave them new life that met the new concept: for example, we changed the upholstery for lighter colors.

The interior

The architecture of the house was characterized by sharp corners that were most notable in the upper attic floor. This feature created certain difficulties, especially in terms of the lighting. To solve this problem, we designed spotlight and complex architectural lighting with unique fixtures in each room.
In the design of the main zone of the first floor, used for a spacious living room, we leveraged corner sections by marking the walls, repainting the dark wood in soft light colors and decorating the lower tier with moldings. In contrast, the graphic balustrade of the second floor and the staircase were painted in dark colors.
We kept some of the old furniture, restoring and transforming it (for example, sets of the Italian brand Jumbo Collection now look completely different).


Along with the existing furnishings, which we reworked to match the new interior, we ordered new furniture mostly in the modern style. For example, we picked for the dining room an elegant American classic – a set by the Baker brand, designed by the legendary Barbara Berry.
The living room was furnished primarily with ultramodern objects, like the sofa sets of the Italian brand Minotti.
The lighting fixtures were chosen to contrast with to the modern setting. For example, the living room got a chandelier from Ralph Lauren Home. An interesting thing: this magnificent crystal masterpiece is equipped with an elevator for the ease of cleaning!
Perfectly matching the general style of the hose, furniture from Selva and Ivano Redaelli brands was planned for the bedroom. Each bedroom received a vintage armchair, creating a special flair of antiquity for this house with history.
Another creative challenge that we faced was to fit the client’s collection of paintings in the new interior. We found new frames and designed special high lighting.
An interesting solution was used in the living room: significant height of the ceiling required special system to open and close the curtains. We installed a cornice with an electric drive.

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