The house in light shades

Floor space


Ceiling height




The Idea

The Idea

This country house was made to become a permanent home for a large family with children. The layout was to reflect the lifestyle of the client. For example, it was necessary to take into account that they often have guests, and to create separate areas to accommodate several couples and families.
The two-story house is clearly divided into public and private areas. On the ground floor, there are the living and dining rooms and the kitchen, which are actually a single space. There is also the entrance hall with an original staircase leading to the second floor, the master’s study and the guest bedrooms (with their own dressing rooms and bathrooms).
The living room and the dining room occupy the same area, divided by furniture pieces. The kitchen is separated from them by sliding doors which can be closed during cooking. This area of the ground floor has an exit to the terrace with a retractable roof that protects from rain. In summer, this is the main place where the whole family spends most time.
Two blocks of guest rooms are moved to different sides of the ground floor by the entrance hall, so that guests can feel themselves comfortable and not interfere with each other.
The second floor is reserved for the owners. In the evenings, the family can get together in the library and the lounge area of the second floor (with a sofa set and a bar) between the bedrooms and children’s rooms.

The interior

The interior can by characterized by the abundance of natural light, coming from the windows. We have designed maximum possible glazing area to fill the living space with sun and air, which is very reasonable for a country house surrounded by nature.
The entrance area is filled with light coming from six-meter tall glass facade. All rooms also got as tall and wide windows, as was made possible by the architecture of the house. We have also used mirrors and mirror inserts where it was possible to enhance the light effect.
The interior in general is designed in a light color palette, emphasizing the atmosphere of an airy space, literally flooded with sun.
The staircase leading to the second floor became the most interesting structural and at the same time decorative element (built according to our design). Its shape, resembling the smooth bend of a shell, is intriguing and captivates the eye. It is the first thing that a person entering the house sees, and this dramatic feature, of course, makes an impression.


We have chosen the furnishing of the light colors, taking into account the entire interior design concept. The client liked the modern style, but they were against pure minimalism. Therefore, we found modern classics furniture by famous European brands.
A catchy element, separating the dining and living rooms, is a high console with a figured base, veneered with varnished fine wood.
An important role was given to carpets with original patterns (for example, from The Rug Company’s celebrity collection), unusual mirrors and objects of art. We found bright, modern abstractions that became catchy accents in the airy interior.
Each room has its own lighting, reflecting the unique design of the space. For example, the staircase has a Bocci chandelier with a cascade of glass spheres.

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