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The Idea

We have a lasting story of working with this client and this new project was an addition to the existing house that we have worked on several years ago. The new area is linked to the main building by a covered way and serves as a guest house and a SPA. The client has a big family and likes to receive guests. They have asked us to create a comfortable living space where hosts and friends could get together and enjoy time in a large company. That is why it was designed as multi-functional area: an additional living space and an entertainment zone. The building has two floors. The ground floor accommodates SPA with a large pool and hammam. There is also a lounge area and a winter garden. In the basement, there is a games room with a home cinema. The second floor has four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and an area for housekeepers.


The client likes modern and aristocratic interiors with an abundance of aged wood. The new interior should have been linked in style with the main building. That is how we have come up with flower motives. The hammam implied Moroccan accents that were introduced by several means, for example, with openwork arches. We have also introduced some country-style elements (for example, ceiling timber beams). 
The SPA zone is finished in light colors. There is plenty of live plants. We used suspended and built-in light fixtures. Furniture pieces and décor elements were picked from modern brands and companies working with wood. Floors in the wet areas are tiled. The hammam has mosaics in some areas. 
The second floor is also dominated by light colors. The interiors resemble French mansions and mountain chalets. Module parquetry and zigzag woodblocks were used to make floors. In both cases we prefer oak. 
The furniture is classic with the most eye-catching element, in both constructive and decorative terms, being the ceiling timber beams. They remind of chalets and Provence architecture.


Lounge area by the pool on the ground floor has modern outdoor-style furniture. We used panels of brushed wood and live plants in metal flowerpots like in the Southern France. For the bathroom, we have picked a marble panel of a nice brown color and a sink in textured natural stone. 
The second floor with bedrooms has a more varied furnishing. Each room has its own palette with matching furniture. Bathrooms go in style with the respective bedrooms. One set is in light brown colors with a bed with ornate head and white bedside tables. The other is cream-colored with soft pink accents, the third room has light blue palette with geometrical prints. The furniture was chosen to have at most simple but elegant design, the one now described as the modern classics. One of the bedrooms has the furniture that was ordered for the main building. We did some replanning there and arranged a new children’s room. As a result one furniture set and textiles became spare and fitted perfectly in the new area. 


Classic light fixtures were our choice for the project. On the ground floor, we used forged suspended ones resembling antique streetlights. They feel some French tones. In some areas where it was necessary, we used built-in technical lighting.
The same concept was implemented on the second floor. We have also introduced desk lamps with noble gold plating and transparent glass features, and classic crystal chandeliers with multiple pendants. The bathrooms have reserved golden wall lamps. In some rooms, we used chandeliers with brass finish or forged Provence-style lighting. 


We hanged light semi-transparent textile curtains on the ground floor to separate the lounge area by the pool. Bathroom walls have the most catchy décor with gorgeous flower wallpaper creating a feeling of a heavenly garden! 
Each bedroom got its own set of textiles. Generally, it was tender and muted monochrome fabrics: creamy, light-beige mocha, graphite, soft blue. The same concept was used when choosing carpets and accessories. Bathroom fixtures and mirrors in bathrooms also follow the classic style with patinated metal and soft colors.


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