Mushroom House


Moscow Region

Project Development

2009 – 2010

Reconstruction period

2009 – 2011

The Idea
Architectural and design solutions

The Idea

The house is located in a spruce forest. Our main challenge was to perfectly fit the construction into the environment preserving the plantation around. The house is designed for four people and has impressive dimensions: total area of about 450 m² with a swimming pool.

Architectural and design solutions

The site of the house is completely flat with no rises or differences in elevation. Under our concept the dome roof of the MUSHROOM-HOUSE is an element of landscape design that immediately brings attention to the construction.

The roof rests on a French arch made up by massive curved vertical beams (made of glued laminated timber). All the frame beams are distressed. Horizontal curved beams have smaller cross section and are spaced at smaller intervals. This is the foundation of the whole construction. All the interspace is filled with thermal insulation and gets plaster lath both from the inside and outside. Eaves are along the full perimeter of the building protecting plank-covered balconies that can be accessed from every bedroom of the first floor.

Entrance to the house is placed on the side of the main site entrance. The interior has a wide hall with adjacent cloakroom and guest bathroom. Center stage is given to the spacious living room (around 100 m²) with the ceiling as high as 8 m. First floor has three bedrooms each with its private walk-in closet and bathroom. This arrangement makes the house very comfortable and cozy. 

Next to the house there will be a smaller copy of it – a covered MUSHROOM-pavilion. It will serve as a year-round small living room for meeting friends and family reunions. The pavilion reproduces the design and style of the house and completes the composition of the whole site in general.

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